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NH Library Services - What's New?

Library Facility Update - Re-opening & COVID-19 Information for Library Users

by Julie Creaser on 2020-06-16T11:28:00-07:00 | Comments

Facility Updates March 2021: The library has reviewed its risk assessment based on information from Northern Health Human Resources and the PHO. Starting March 31st, 2021 the following service updates are in effect: 

  1. Library staff will be teleworking with the exception of facility check-ins each week to replenish cleaning supplies and check for returned materials.
  2. Print Books, including the BLS manuals, will only be mailed once per week on Mondays. Please plan accordingly if you require a print resource and are not at UHNBC. 
  3. The library will remain open to swipe card access 24/7 and all COVID-19 safety protocols posted must be followed by staff. Clean your hands, clean the computer when you are done, and clean tables as needed. Supplies are available in the library for you to use. 

Review the following to learn more about the library facility and services during COVID-19:

Access to the library

24/7 with your Swipe Card - Please make sure you have your card when you come and go, there will be no unlocked hours at this time. 


Maximum 8 Library Patrons at any time

  • 2 computer workstations (down from 4)
  • 4 study seats (down from 16)
  • 2 additional people can be moving around the library, at the copier, in the stacks
Staffed hours

8am to 4pm 

  • The library has 2 FTE's providing all in-person and NH-wide regional services and operational supports and no back up coverage (this is usual):
    • As such, library staff may not be available during all staffed hours in the event of illness, vacations or unplanned absences - service requests should be emailed to the library in those cases. 
    • Security, First Aid and ITS information is posted by the copier next to the telephone. 
  • Library staff will be Teleworking intermittently 

Using the Library

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness - COVID-19 related or not - please do not come to the library. 
  • Clean your hands when you enter and especially before AND after using shared equipment (Computers / copier)
    • Hand sanitizer will be available in the library as usual
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2m
  • Practice cough etiquette and dispose of tissues in garbage cans
  • Observe the occupancy limits

Food and drink are permitted but cleaning protocols should be followed for the safety of you and others. 

  • OR, please eat in the LDC Commons area or the cafeteria areas. 
  • LDC meeting rooms can be used for staff breaks if there are no meetings in them. If you use LDC meetings rooms, these are not under the library's auspices so please follow all posted protocols for UBC & NH in those spaces. 

Book Access

  • Self Check-Out Station is located at the service desk OR;
  • Request “Cart-Side Pick Up” – simply email us to request your item – once you receive confirmation that we will process the request, you will be notified of when and where to pick it up (HInt: at the self checkout station)
  • Return materials via the Drop Slot in the hallway behind the library.
  • Book Return Trolley for In-Library Book Use - Place books you use while in the library onto the marked trolley when finished (do not leave on tables) and library staff will return books to the shelves for you.
  • Regional library patrons across NH can resume requesting print books to be mailed to them.
Copier / Printer Use

Please use the “Printer Properties Dialog” or Copier Options to staple and hole punch (Instructions are posted behind the copier)

  • There will be no shared supplies available (no pens, paper clips, staplers, hole punches, etc) - please bring your own supplies. 
Customer Services in Person

Maintain physical distancing of 2m when approaching library staff for help. 

  • Staff and library patrons should wear a mask each if physical distancing cannot be maintained and limit contact time to 15 minutes. At this time, the library does not provide or have masks on-hand for use by patrons. Alternate service options (Eg training via Skype/Office Teams) can be scheduled to eliminate in-person close contact training at the computers. 
Interlibrary Loans During COVID-19

Print Books - Like NH Library, almost all healthcare/hospital and academic libraries across Canada closed to walk-in traffic early in the North American outbreak. This has significantly limited ILL access to both print books, and to photocopied chapters from books only available in print. 

Articles - Articles in print journals located in other libraries are also limited at this time. Our ILL service system is connected to lenders in healthcare and academic health libraries throughout all of Canada and the United States. Yet, we have still experienced some limitations due to closures. 

Please make any requests you need but be aware of the current state. We will notify of you any issues with ILL related to the above.

Elimination as a Priority Control for COVID-19

Eliminating, or reducing, visits to places where people gather for prolonged periods is the best way to prevent exposure.
If you can study or work from home, or request library items in advance and do a quick pick-up, then please do so!

We thank you for your support on minimizing non-essential access to the library facility at this time. 

Questions about the physical library space during this time can be sent to to us via email. 

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