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Library Services

All the information you need to navigate the library.

Search the Catalogue

Locate books, ebooks, print and online journals by searching the catalogue. The library has over 600 eBooks available from any location in Northern Health, and over 2,000 print books that can be mailed directly to you upon request.

Search the Library Catalogue

Request Books via Interlibrary Loan

Is there a book or a book chapter you'd like to check out but the library doesn't have it?

Send the library an email with the details and we can try and locate it for you. Please note: 

  • Print books can take up to 10 days to arrive from lenders. Keep this in mind if you have a tight timeline. 
  • Some lenders do not allow renewals (e.g. 3 weeks loan total). 
  • If we cannot find your book at a lender, we will ask you how important it is to your work area to determine if it should be added to the library's collection. Or, we can help you find a similar title that may be useful. 

Mobile eBooks

Check out Stat!Ref mobile eBooks and take some of the most highly used references in Northern Health with you everywhere you go. 

Suggestion for Purchase

Is there something you think the library should have in its collection? Please send suggestions to