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Stat!Ref Mobile e-Books: Register

15 Reasons to Try Stat!Ref

Step 1: Go to My STAT!Ref

  •  Visit any computer inside the Northern Health network (e.g. at work) or use your VPN connection

         1. Go to Stat!Ref

Steps 2 - 3: Creating an Account

2. From the top bar, choose "Profile".

3. "Register" to create your account. (Remember your password as you will need it to renew your account in the future).




Steps 4-6: Activate your "Anywhere Login"

The "Anywhere Login" allows you to have remote and mobile access to STAT!Ref - in this case, you have access for 365 days then you must reactivate your account. 

  • For mobile access - you must take this step!

4. From the top bar, click on the "Welcome" message.

5. Choose the "Anywhere Login Account".

6. Click the "Activate" button.


Step 7: Download the Stat!Ref App on your Phone or Tablet

Step 8 : Set up the App

  • Open the App
  • Enter the username and password and password you created
  • Accept the license agreement

Things to know:

  • The App stays logged in unless you logout manually
  • Your mobile App access is good for 365 days then you must re-log in to it on a Northern Health computer (against the onsite subscription)
  • STAT!Ref e-Books are licensed for a set number of users at one time - from 1-5 concurrent users. If you get a message saying the resource is in use, just try again in a few minutes.