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Staying Current: Home

This guide discusses automated ways to stay connected to content in your clinical area.

Practice Changing Information

 Read by QxMD

  • Free Mobile App and email notification options - Locates up-to-date research and reviews from PubMed (Medline) and links to full-text articles.

  • Northern Health Staff may use Read to notify them of new content, and then get full text by contacting the NH Library. 

Need Help Automating Alerts?

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Database Alerts for Journals and Searches (Ebscohost and Ovid)

The databases used in Northern Health library allow you to subscribe to automated alerts for: 

  • Journals indexed in the database
  • Searches you have created  -- allowing you to be alerted when new items meet your search criteria

Ebscohost Database Platform

  • Includes Medline, CINAHL, PyscInfo/PsycArticles, and Biomedical Reference
  • Step by Step Written Instructions can be found within the HELP menu while you are searching within any of the databases in Ebsco.
  • The videos below offer step by step instructions for: 
    • Setting up a journal alert for indexed journal content in Ebsco
    • Setting up a saved search alert

OvidSP Database Platform

  • Includes the Cochrane Library and Medline databases
  • Includes over 360 full text journals that allow auto alerts for new content under the Journals Tab in Ovid. 
  • Step by step instructions can be found with the HELP menu while you are working within the Ovid database. 
  • The videos below offer instructions for:
    • Setting up a Journal Alert in the LWW Total Access Collection on Ovid
    • Setting up a saved search alert using MyAccount

Subscribing to Alerts at Journal Websites

Options for journal alerts: 

  • Create alerts right at the journal website, for example offers a free account to stay current.
  • Visit one of the larger journals platform, like SAGE or Science Direct. 

Most journal websites will offer you a free "email alert" service. 

Alert services:

  • Will email you an alert with titles and abstracts when new content is available. 
  • Should be free. 
  • Ask only for minimal information to subscribe (usually an email address and password)

Full text access options:

  • Some of the content may be open access while other content may be for subscribers only. In this case, when you see an article you want to read, send a request to the library for the full text. 
  • Some journals may be paid for by Northern Health library and the full text will be available when you are onsite (eg NEJM, JAMA)

Examples of  what to look for to subscribe at journal sites: 

Browse the upper portion of the main page to see if there are links like this: 






 Some sites may have a "My Account" or "My Profile" Link instead, for example: