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RxTx Mobile (eCPS): Registering for the e-CPS

Instructions on how to access the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals using the RxTx mobile app.


The Compendium of Pharmaceutical (e-CPS) module of RxTx, and other Northern Health Library resources, are licensed for use by NH clinicians, physicians and staff. 

Reasons to Download the RxTx Mobile App

  • Watch the 2 minute video above explaining features within the RxTx mobile app. (Northern Health has access to the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties module in RxTx)
  • The CPS has evidence based monographs covering more than 300 drugs along with guidance on off-label uses
  • Health Canada alerts and advisories are posted within 48 hours of issue and linked to the drug monographs. 

Step 1: Register online

  • Get the organization code for RxTx mobile. (OurNH Login required - Staff Access Only)
    • If you are offsite, please contact the library.
  • Go to and enter the organization code.
  • Fill out the registration form 
    • Recommended – Use your work email and address to limit the amount of personal information collected by the registration process.
  • Note the password as it will be required to activate the app.

Step 2: Download the RxTx App onto your mobile device

Step 3: Set up the App

  • Open the App
  • Enter your email and the password you created  (This step is only required the first time the app is opened.)
  • Accept the license agreement

About the e-CPS and RxTx app

CPS The Canadian standard for drug monographs

The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) is a resource for hundreds of drug monographs, approved by Health Canada and reviewed by editors from the  Canadian Pharmacists Association. It contains information on drugs, vaccines, natural health and medical devices. Digital content is updated weekly and includes advisories from Health Canada. Additionally, there is a Product Identification Tool using photos.

RxTx is the name used by the Canadian Pharmacists Association for their e-Therapeutics subscription package. Northern Health has a subscription for the CPS portion of this package. Staff and physicians can now access the CPS module on smart phones and tablets by using the RxTx app.